The Power of Touch

One of the difficult things during the pandemic is not being able to hug family and friends. 

Grandparents can only see their grandchildren on the other side of the window. 

Some people have lost a loved one and we want to hug them, for others, we live miles away.  

Touch is important. Physical touch matters for your wellbeing. 

Touch plays a primary role in our development and physical and wellbeing.

Lepers were never touched because the danger of infection was too high.

Living as we have during Covid-19 gives us the insight into the life of the leper.

For nearly a year we’ve not been able to embrace and welcome people with a hug, handshake or kiss.

Covid has given us insights into what it’s like when we see people as ‘problems’ and not individuals. 
Jesus looks beyond the problem and see’s a person made in his Father’s image. 

He touches the outcast and the person is healed. 

A part of loving your neighbour is keeping your distance, wearing a face covering, and not touching.

We hope one day we can touch again. 

Hymn: what shall our greeting be by Fred Pratt Green 

What shall our greeting be:
Sign of our unity?
May we no more defend
Barriers he died to end:
Give me your hand, my friend:
One Church, One Lord!

What is our mission here?
He makes his purpose clear:
One world, one Lord!
Spirit of truth descend,
All our confusions end:
Give me your hand, my friend:

He comes to save us now:
To serve him is to know
Life's true reward.
May he our lives amend,
All our betrayals end:
Give me your hand, my friend:

We can give our hand to Jesus. 


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