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Who’s Coming for Christmas?

A local charity contacted the church to see if anyone could visit an elderly housebound gentleman. I left the house knowing more about this person... …The gentleman is a Hungarian Baron whose family was killed by the Nazis. He fled with his mother from Hungary to London following the 1956 uprising after years of persecution at the hands of first the Fascists, and then the Soviet regime. I was fascinated to hear his story and I look forward to visiting him again. I didn’t know where this pastoral visit would lead me, but I am glad I went to visit this gentleman. Just shows the importance of pastoral visits especially during this period. This reminds me of God calling ordinary people in the Christmas story.  The angel tells Mary not to be afraid and that all things are possible to God. We live in a society struggling to come to terms with youth culture. So many young people are crying out to be accepted, to be loved, and to be recognised. And God invites all the M