Holiday Part 2 - where to visit?

Decisions - so many choices to do during the holidays…

  • Visit the zoo
  • The beach (not an overcrowded beach at Bournemouth)
  • Trips
  • Walking 
  • Museums 

For many, the holidays are the best time of year. The smell of the countryside, the warm twinkle of fairy lights, and of course, the extra family time. 

But for others, the holidays can be the most stressful of times especially those trips you wish you wasn’t on. 

7 Strategies for Dealing with a Difficult Family Member During the Holidays

  1. Set boundaries. ...
  2. Realise you're not a magician or counsellor
  3. Avoid drama
  4. Have an exit strategy
  5. Wear a shield
  6. Open your heart,
  7. Give thanks.

Helen and I like to go to the seaside and have fish and chips. We like to eat our fish n chips with our fingers from open paper with the smell of salt n vinegar. 

Sometimes when planning what to do on holiday we create so much unnecessary scheduled holiday programme planning. We plan and get frustrated when nothing comes of it. 

And like those disciples who went back fishing; it’s when we feel desperate and empty, we finally look to Jesus as a last resort — because we don’t recognise who He is. 

And all He’s asking is that we come to join Him and take part in what He’s prepared and created. 

So declutter our mind of holiday plans, schedules, and “to do” lists. Instead, look out upon the waves, wiggle your toes in the sand, absorb the sights, smells, and sounds, and enjoy the moment for what it is — not what it means, not what lies ahead, not how you arrived here. 

Jesus says to his disciples “come and eat breakfast”

This is an invitation to us all. To come and eat with Jesus. 


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