What's Your Story?

Last weekend one of the football greats Jack Charlton died.

He played for Leeds United with 629 appearances and his brother Bobby played for Manchester United.

Both Jack and Bobby played in the famous 1966 World Cup Final. England beating West Germany 4-2. During the lockdown, this famous final was repeated on the television. 1966 was before my time, but we all know the well-known quote from the commentator…

England took their opportunities well. 

Jack Charlton said...

What’s your story?

Andy Warhol (famous American artist behind the pop art movement) once said...

Paul takes about taking opportunities when in Ephesians 5 writes…

If everyone is going to be famous for 15 minutes we need to take the opportunity - to wake up and Christ will shine on us as Paul reminds us to make the ‘most of every opportunity because the days are evil.’ 

To take every opportunity means sometimes we can’t just sit back. Especially when things are not right in the world. We need to speak up and challenge unjust systems and racism in our world.

People questioned about providing vouchers for all children/ young people of free school meals through the summer holiday. 

This was rejected by the government. Yet all this changed vouchers issues after all too over 200,000 families and all can enjoy the summer without the fear of not having any food.


Because one 22-year-old black man, a Manchester United and England footballer talked about his own experience; he has spoken from both heard and heart. And the nation got behind him.

Marcus Rashford is his name. He proved that black lives really do matter. Things changed because he took the opportunity to speak up against unjust structures.

People throughout history have taken their opportunity…

Martin Luther King Jr

Mother Teresa

Nelson Mandela 

Baroness Lawrence 

What’s your story?

Maybe you're the one to speak up and make a difference 


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