Comfort in a Coronavirus world

I have just finished reading ‘where is God in a coronavirus world?’ by John C. Lennox.

This is a short yet profound book, Lennox examines the coronavirus in light of various belief systems and shows how the Christian worldview not only helps us to make sense of it but also offers a sure and certain hope to cling to.

The book explores the following 
- Feeling Vulnerable 
- Cathedrals and Worldviews
- Can Atheism Help?
- How can there be Coronavirus if there is a loving God?
- Evidence of love
- The difference God makes

I recommend this book. 

We are living through a unique and yet challenging time and many of our old certainties have gone, whatever our views of the world and whatever our beliefs. The coronavirus pandemic and its effects are unsettling for all of us.

So, where is God in all of this? It’s a good question…

Every day we hear sad stories of people losing a loved one, funerals done differently and foodbanks rising. Some might think God is asleep and the Atheist might be saying I told you so, but we as people of faith believe in a creator God who brings us comfort and promises us new things. 

Isaiah 40: 1 says ‘comfort, comfort my people, says your God.’

The voice goes on to say… ‘everything is going to be ok’.

40: 1-2 The gentle voice. Comfort has its familiar meaning here, not its old English sense of ’strengthen’.  

We stop and think can this be true? Can God be a comforter God?

Beyond our closed church doors and boarded up shops we see the wider world. And like the voice in Isaiah saying Comfort, comfort my people everything is going to be alright.

How did we know everything is going to be ok?

Isaiah goes onto say….

The word eagle is mentioned 32 times in the Bible.

The Hebrew word for eagle is Nesher, which means “to tear with the break.” A  adult eagle can weigh 10-11 kgs and they have a lifespan of 15-20 years.  They are born with their mouths wide open and their eyes looking into the sun. 

Eagles are the only creatures that can look directly into the sun. This reminds us that as Christians we need to look and focus on the Son of God. 

Eagles have enemies that try to bring the bird down, but the eagle doesn’t fight; it flies directly towards the sun. Brothers and sisters when Satan is at you, focus on God. There are people trying to bring us down but focus on your faith and call.

The Eagle have powerful wings that  battles through the storm.

Things at the moment feels like a storm especially with Covid-19. 

We need to battle through the storm and fly to God. Been a Christian doesn’t always go to plan, there are downs, there are hurts and disappointments but we keep on going. Like the
Eagle we should battle through the storm. When we look up, we look up to God

Like eagles we need to fly though the storm

Comfort comfort my people

God brings a new creation by sending Jesus

    Two crowns, p.48 in Where is God in a Coronavirus World?....

    The coronavirus is so called because it visibly resembles a crown (“corona” in Latin). A crown is a symbol of power and authority - and certainly this virus has colossal power over us humans. It is invisible to the naked eye, and yet just think about what it has forced many millions - indeed, billions - of us to do and not do. It also forcibly reminds us of our vulnerability. 

    But hope is found in another corona: the crown of thorns that was forced on Jesus’ head at his trial before his execution. 

    This is our foundation of faith that God will make things ok and promises us new life.

A church member sent me ‘We Shall Overcome’ by Joan Baez. I can’t stop listening to it. The perfect song of hope for our world right now. For all those who have lost a loved one, attended a funeral with limited numbers or unable to attend a funeral; we shall overcome. 

One day we’ll walk hand in hand with our loved ones. We’ll walk back to our churches hand in hand.

For the those staying at home listening to government advice and yet the powerful do the opposite or not to believe what is said from the world platform; the truth shall make us free. 

The Lord will see us through, The Lord will see us through,
The Lord will see us through someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall overcome someday.

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