My first funeral

Last week I led my first funeral of a church member.

I felt nervous at first, but God gave me the words.

The main song at the funeral was 'One Love' by Bob Marley.

The church member loved talking to people because he believed in love. He loved to be with people.

One Love also says 'give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right'.

He loved his Lord!

I only started as the minister in September and the church member was in the congregation. I enjoyed speaking to him and was excited to be his minister because he was bright and colourful, but sadly we didn't get a chance for a long journey together because of illness. However, I could see he had a strong presence within the church family.

My last memory of the church member was giving him home communion with other church members. This would be his last communion. We laughed and cried. We opened scripture, sang 'what a friend we have in Jesus', prayed, and shared bread and wine. The love of God was present.

We read Psalm 150 which summed him up perfectly because it mentions about praising God with every instrument.

Let everything that had breath praise the Lord.

Doing funerals are such an honour. One of the many privileges of pastoral ministry. Thank you God for giving me the words,


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