From a classroom to a train

Great week at Queen’s Foundation ‪for my Probationer studies. It was nice catching up with friends. We’ll be journeying together with ordination as our destination.

On the train going home, I got talking to a woman reading her bible. She was attending her uncles funeral. We had a good theological conversation on the train. I said that I’ll be praying for her. Theology from a classroom to a train!!

That week I also attended  Muswell Hill Synagogue annual civic service. I was honoured to be invited as a guest. It’s important we learn from other faiths.

Local synagogue was packed including faith leaders, mp and mayor of Haringey. The Torah was shared and Jewish people explained to guests. Stories shared about Synagogue working with Churches and Mosques. All traditions stood together remembering Armistice Day including the end of First World War, 6 million Jews killed in Second World War, and the shooting in Pittsburgh.  Solidarity and Compassion is a Human Right. We call this dialogue!

In a place as diverse as London it is so important that we spend time deepening relationships with people of all faiths.

Theology from a classroom to the community


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